Southern Alps Whitening Essence

Southern Alps Whitening Essence

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Southern Alps Whitening Essence 35ml
After use, the dull skin tone will be improved a lot, rough skin can also be effectively improved, spots and acne marks will be reduced,
After a period of time, the complexion will be evenly brightened, transparent and shiny, and the overall complexion will rise!

✔️Antioxidant✔️Lighten pigments✔️Whitening ✔️Brighten skin✔️Improve dull yellow
New Zealand imports 
From the Southern Alps of New Zealand 

This high-concentration brightening essence is characterized by organic edelweiss extract, which can target dark spots and reduce the effects of sun-damaged skin.
The precious white edelweiss extract is used in combination with brocade rose water, oat seed and beech tree bud extracts,
Helps revitalize the skin, restore youthful radiance and complexion. 

 The main function: 
-Soothing and calming 
-Repair damage 
-Dispel bloodshot eyes 
-For dark spots 
-Revitalize the skin 
-Restore youthful radiance and skin tone 
-Activate skin cells 
-Reduce the effects of sun damage and color pigmentation on the skin 

 3 large plant ingredients: 
-Brocade rose water 
-Edelweiss extract 
-Beech tree bud extract