Home Nano Painless Water Gun (Pro Version)

Home Nano Painless Water Gun (Pro Version)

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Home Nano Painless Water Gun (Pro Version)​ 

▸ Detachable dual-purpose upgraded water gun
Upgraded appearance and function!
This handheld beauty salon must start, and during the epidemic, the family beauty salon skin care mode will be activated

The water gun is a liquid-mechanical integrated equipment, the original liquid developed by the laboratory for the principle of the water gun

Improve the absorption of active ingredients to achieve a better improvement effect, which is 20 times higher than the absorption rate of ordinary products

  • Deep moisturizing/locking water
  • Pores
  • Reduce blackheads
  • Improve red skin
  • Return to healthy skin

Added red and blue functions:
It can treat acne, skin rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory, safe and effective

RF micro current:
Can promote facial skin exercise, restore skin elasticity, so as to achieve the effect of lifting and firming


Deep moisturizing deep into the bottom layer, giving you moisture that all surface skin care can't get!

Gun and face level, point lift, slow, steady

Don’t play at the same position, up to three times 

1 frame isLightest force

withDo facial, Doing too frequently will haveopposite effect

Avoid overnutrition 

The needle must be pointed, the direction is from bottom to topDon't use the lifting method!

Basic course of treatment:

Equivalent to a mask that can be made more than 100 times

Recommended 1 to 2 a weekTimes


<Won the international award>

Among thousands of top beauty products in the world, it has the reputation of "beauty Oscar"