Deep cleansing cleansing oil

Deep cleansing cleansing oil

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Skin type:Any skin
Origin:new Zealand
effect:Deep cleansing, clear pores, moisturize skin, improve rough skin, relieve skin discomfort

1 bottle of cleansing oil = skin care, emulsify in one second, clean and clear cleansing oil. The three nourishing ingredients care for the skin, extract natural plant extracts, keep the skin moisturized, moisturize the skin fresh and not greasy, contain a variety of active ingredients, improve the surface of rough skin, clean and remove makeup, but also lock the skin moisture, moisturize and nourish Skin rejuvenation. It has strong cleansing power and is non-greasy after use, leaving skin clearer.

Imported from New Zealand-New Zealand Mystery Cleansing Cleansing Oil, its volcanic rock mud contains 37 kinds of trace mineral elements, the first-level water-locking factor
It has the effects of strong absorption, oil control, deep cleansing and tightening of pores. Effectively remove excess oil and dirt from pores,
Help the skin better and effectively absorb nutrients and excrete waste, easy to rinse without tightness. It becomes hydrophilic when exposed to water,
It leaves the skin surface immediately, leaving no oil residue. While cleaning the skin, it can also replenish sufficient moisture,
It balances the skin's water and oil and keeps the skin delicate and shiny.

What you are missing is a bottle of "makeup remover = skin care" nourishing cleansing oil!
Easily remove makeup and completely remove corner plugs clogged in pores!

• Gentle makeup remover Contains natural olive fruit oil, with a gentle texture, penetrates deep into the pores, removing dirt and excess oil from the pores. Just apply it gently, without additional tools, to gently lift the stubborn makeup.
• Moisturizing and rejuvenating skin Light, smooth, easy to push, like a layer of "protective pad", even for acne-prone skin, the delicate and delicate skin can be used with peace of mind, and the skin after removing makeup remains smooth and plump.
• Clear pores. If the residues of makeup and sunscreen products and skin oils are in the pores, they will form sticky and hard horn plugs after oxidation, which will block large pores.