Scalp Revitalizing and Nourishing Hair Lotion (Hair Growth Needle)

Scalp Revitalizing and Nourishing Hair Lotion (Hair Growth Needle)

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Hanfang Hair Growth Liquid (Hair growth needle)8 sticks in a box

***Need to be used with Water Gun/Water Gun PRO***

  • Prevent hair loss
  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Balance oil secretion
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Speed up hair growth
  • Reduce postpartum hair loss
  • Repair damaged scalp

Main ingredients:

1. Hydrolyzed soy protein

Effectively prevent hair loss 

2. Ginseng

Strengthen blood circulation, nourish the scalp, accelerate hair growth

3. May Burdock Root Extract

Has an inhibitory effect on male hormone levels and can be used to inhibit hair loss

4. Zinc Gluconate

It is an important raw material required for the protein synthesis process

Zinc deficiency can cause hair loss or fragile hair during rest period

Insufficient zinc concentration can affect the integrity of the protein in the cell membrane

As a result, the protein cannot perform its normal function.

5. Amino acid

Helps nurture healthy hair

6. Biotin

It was first discovered in the process of curing rat hair loss and skin damage

Current research effectively reduces circular baldness and postpartum hair loss

7. Sodium Hyaluronate

Help scalp cells lock up, reduce oil secretion 

8. Vitamin B

Has anti-inflammatory and promotes lipid synthesis between cells

Effectively repair scalp skin