Antarctic ice algae refreshing moisturizing mask

Antarctic ice algae refreshing moisturizing mask

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Antarctic ice algae refreshing moisturizing mask


Shelf life:3 years

Skin type:Any skin (especially dehydrated skin)

Origin:new Zealand

effect:Nourish water, lock water and plump, fresh and lively, brighten luster

Imported from New Zealand-New Zealand Mystery Antarctic Ice Algae Refreshing Moisturizing Mask, extracted from natural plants from deep sea ice algae, it can effectively replenish moisture in the deep layer, and can lock the skin moisture, highly moisturize, nourish and rejuvenate the skin, so that the skin is no longer dehydrated.

Its volcanic rock mud comes from the boiling mud lake in Rotorua. It contains 37 kinds of trace mineral elements. It has the effects of strong absorption, oil control, deep cleansing, and tightening of pores.

Effectively remove excess oil and dirt in the pores, help the skin more effectively absorb nutrients and excrete waste, easy to rinse without tightness,
Supplement sufficient moisture to the skin to keep the skin delicate and shiny.

As a volcanic mud mask [upgraded version] Antarctic ice algae refreshing moisturizing mask, the effect is even better!
On the basis of the volcanic mud mask, add Antarctic ice algae moisturizing and water-locking ingredients. After the volcanic mud absorbs the dirt hidden in the pores, there is no need to worry about the pores being enlarged, and then fill up with moisture, shrink the pores, and the skin is clean, not dry and smooth. Delicate water Dangdang!

Core ingredients: 
Glacier seaweed on Stewart Island, Antarctica, New Zealand, powerfully replenish water and efficiently repair. Contains more than 60 trace elements,
More than 90 kinds of minerals required by the human body, extremely rich in nutrients, 10 times that of ordinary seaweed, is a high-end skin care product that repairs the skin, and enjoys SPA-grade water conservation.

Selection of powerful hydrating and water-locking ingredients:
Sodium hyaluronate, also known as hyaluronic acid, is as crystal clear as glass and has a strong water absorption capacity. Its molecules can carry 500-1000 times the water, which is recognized as the best moisturizing factor today. While moisturizing, it can also promote the penetration and absorption of the skin, and it can work with other nutrients to play a good role, more effective and more secure.

Multiple plant extracts awaken and moisturize the skin. It is rich in natural minerals and has a strong permeability. It can reach the deepest layer of the skin like a sponge and directly supplement the moisture required by the skin. A variety of amino acids and moisturizing ingredients can be directly absorbed by the skin. Achieve natural moisturizing effect, keep the bombs hydrated and smooth. Deeply moisturize and purify, leaving skin moisturized and full of radiance.