Biological fiber whitening and spotting mask

Biological fiber whitening and spotting mask

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Bio-fiber whitening and spotting mask 1 box of 6 pieces
New Zealand original import

Remove dirt, clean and rejuvenate from deep cells 
Adsorbed skin rubbish is clearly visible on the mask behind the application The skin cells are renewed The ultra-fine biological fibers of the 60-minute whitening mask can penetrate deep into the skin grooves When the nutrients are gradually absorbed by the skin, the mask gradually becomes dry and tightened, and then the skin is absorbed by the 3D elastic structure Garbage makes skin clean and clear 

Brighten skin tone Lighten pigment Whitening and translucent  
With powerful whitening ingredients, it can inhibit melanin, whitening and translucent 

Refine pores, soothing and conditioning 
With a 60-minute whitening bio-fiber mask, it deeply absorbs oil and garbage, and the pores are restored to be clear and smooth. The effect is as tender as a peeled egg. A variety of soothing ingredients can effectively relieve sensitive skin and make the skin soft and smooth. Healthy and comfortable   

Sculpts and tightens contours
The 60-minute whitening bio-fiber facial mask adopts a 3D three-dimensional elastic structure. As the mask dries, it gradually tightens and can effectively tighten the skin and enhance the contour. The skin is more youthful

3 moisturizing ingredients➕3 soothing ingredients:
Scutellaria baicalensis root extract★
It can enhance the resistance of the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties; it can neutralize the released histamine and have the ability to prevent allergies
Promote ceramide, improve sebum and make skin soft

Portulaca ★
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate★
Mainly glycyrrhizin (glycyrrhizin) from the roots and stems of licorice is suitable for allergic skin, anti-irritation and oil control, reducing swelling, anti-inflammatory and healing effects

US FDA approved safe 3D three-dimensional interlaced structure
The test shows:
The tight fit is 2.5 times that of ordinary noodles
Bio-fiber mask is only 20 nanometers in diameter
Woven mask fiber diameter 2660 nm
And our skin furrow is 50 nanometers

It can evenly brighten skin tone, remove yellowish air, whiten and lighten spot pigments, and use whitening needles for better results!!!