Peptide firming and non-marking bee venom

Peptide firming and non-marking bee venom

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Peptide firming and non-marking bee venom mask 1 box of 6 pieces

Main core ingredients: 

The magical Manuka tea tree in New Zealand is called the magical "medicinal plant"

It can treat various wounds and infections, skin ulcers, eczema, etc.

Introduction to the provenance of Manuka tea tree

1. Only the Manuka tea tree produced in New Zealand has this effect

2. New Zealand is the only country in the world that has legislation prohibiting the cultivation of any genetically modified crops

3. New Zealand is also the only country where legislation prohibits beekeepers from using antibiotics to feed bees

4. More importantly, New Zealand's unique, pollution-free and pure environment, fertile volcanic mineral soil

Only natural manuka with this effect can be bred


Manuka Bee Venom Peptide

Matricaria (natural tranquilizer)

1: Calm and soothe the skin

2: Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic

3: Rich in flavonoids active ingredients, with antioxidant effect


Lemon balm (also known as "the elixir of life")

Lemon balm is rich in nutrition and has high medicinal value. It is widely used in perfumery abroad

Chewing gum, liqueur, Swiss doctors call it an elixir


Beauty effect: 

1: Supplement various trace elements of skin cells and promote cell regeneration

2: Efficiently replenish water and repair cells